February, 5th 2014

You know, looking back is a funny thing to do. I probably wouldn’t be in music at all if it weren’t for Thugstep. A stack of several hundred edits knocked out in a 6 month clip was the first time dubstep came together with rap music in any marketable way, and I was the one that made those edits. It pissed off as many people as it satisfied, and was an indicator of things to come in bass music. You can pop over to my bio page to see a couple notes. Or you can listen to Skream and Benga talk about it before they allowed me to take over their BBC Radio 1 show for their “Slammers and Bangers” segment.

I’m now grinding to help 5 artists that I believe in, writing for a reputable website, spinning tunes from time to time, and felt the need to revisit my Thugstep folder one last time for the people that aren’t privy to my history or relevance. It was a series of edits I made for fun during a rough time in my life, and it took on a life of its’ own. The old beat up (but still working!) Sony Vaio laptop that all of these were created on in Acid Pro 4 was retired to a closet today. I’ll probably revisit a couple sessions when Thugstep turns 10 years old, but this is the last run from the archives that includes extended mixes, rare edits, and things I simply never put out. You can pick at the individual tunes or snag the entire package via the download link located right here.

I hope you enjoy.
Shouts to the homie Architekt for the artwork!

November, 6th 2013

Since my last post, I’ve ran (and left) TrapMusic.NET via the EDM Network. Posi vibes and a shit ton of clicks for independent artists there. Two mixes got knocked out with material that was approved by artists for placement or exclusive to the site. They’re both downloadable here:

I’ve also been writing for Do Androids Dance via Complex Media, and have slotted a few hundred tracks there. You can check the posts RIGHT THE FUCK HERE. If you like my taste in music, these archives are filled with goodies. A lot of it is downloadable because I know that people don’t actually value musicians or their art with like… money. I also knocked a mix out for the site for 4th of July. It’s available for free download as well:

I also decided to re-up the original Thugstep mix when I hit 2000 soundcloud followers. It’s been more than half a decade since I knocked that release out, and a few people reminded me that these releases were important to them.

I don’t think I ever wrote this many words on my own site ever. Weird. I’ll wrap it up by mentioning that I have a bit of original production on the way… some rap things. I also released this song that I produced for Brooklyn rapper Elucid for free and nobody cared. It’s probably the best song I ever put my hands on but whatever fuck all of you. It’s weird and it’s juke and there’s an amazing rapper on it and it hits hard as fuck.

March, 27th 2013

I wish I had more time to produce music. The don of grime Spooky Bizzle shot me a link to the acapella, and I purchased it on bandcamp in hopes that I’d have a little free time to rework it. This was done a few weeks later while on Christmas vacation in Buffalo with my family, and has really just been sitting. I’m doing the monthly mixes here, all of the write-ups, getting approval from all of these artists to place their music, and sifting through dozens of songs a day to make sure our content is the toughest available. But I don’t know how many of your favorite music sources are being run by people that dabble in original production. My soundcloud page just hit 1500 likes, and I reached out to M.I.K. to be sure he was cool with me releasing this as a celebratory present for all of the love. He gave his blessings, and I’m excited to see how everyone likes this one.

December, 31st 2012

Via TRU: “Once upon a time, rap was a key influence on early house music. Now in 2012, electronic dance music is not only a key influence on rap, things are coming full circle again in very interesting ways. With a subgenre of rap, the southern dopeboy rap from the traps, influencing an EDM offshoot by the same name (Trap), which in turn is getting noticed by more and more rap artists and producers, creating a somewhat murky, but lively and captivating cross-influencing movement.

2012 really was the year in which EDM Trap had its moment, and it’s poised to only get bigger in 2013. From the ATL to the UK and back, Trap is jumping off, stopping at spots all over the globe in between. If you’re still lost as to what this whole thing is about, or are looking for a dope mix capping off the year of its breakthrough, look no further. RockTheDub.com and TheRapUp.net proudly present an EDM Trap mix flawlessly sequenced by DJ Nappy: “It’s A Trap: A Comprehensive Guide to Trap in 2012″.

Pump it up, enjoy, and get used to it. The future is now.


November, 27th 2012

If you’re in the Tri-State area, head on down to Soundgarden Hall in Philly to catch me wreck it alongside Proper Villains and Udachi. Only $10. Pre-order tickets today! Tell a friend… preferably all of them.

November, 8th 2012

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September, 16th 2012

For those of you who missed my guest mix for DJ Wonder on Shade45′s Sway In The Morning this past Friday, never fear. The 30 minute Trap mix I dropped (which features fire from Starkey, Decibel, ACCRO, Don Midas, ELOQ, Flosstradamus and many more) is available via ClubTapes right now. It’s a celebration!

September, 16th 2012

As we all know, the Hip-Hop community lost one of its pillars recently. Chris Lighty has been through a number of different movements within the scene, from the late ’80s through today. He got put on early via legends like Kool DJ Red Alert, working for the Boogie Down Productions crew and the Native Tongues to being mentored by Russell Simmons. His Violators crew turned into Violators Management, which was a staple within the Hip-Hop industry, managing acts like 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Diddy and a plethora of others – all the while holding an executive position at Def Jam during a pivotal time of growth, helping nurture acts like Jay-Z, DMX, Foxy Brown and others. His fingertips have helped mold the Hip-Hop game, both musically and financially. When hearing the news of Chris’ untimely death, Disc Jockey Nappy took it back to the crates, dug deep and banged out this special mix, paying tribute to Chris Lighty through the music of those he’s helped guide. We thank you for everything you’ve done for the community, Chris. We present to you: Violated. Shouts to Jaap for the artwork!

September, 13th 2012

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up – my Shade45 appearance got rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Check out the updated press release below:

SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2012Disc Jockey Nappy’s been booked for a special guest set this Friday Morning (September 14th) on Sway In The Morning, which can only be heard on Eminem’s Shade 45 via Sirius XM! That’s right, with DJ Wonder already having dropped/premiered numerous refixes that Nappy has crafted, he’s now letting Nappy step up to the decks and showcase his sound on a worldwide scale! The only way to know what he will be dropping is to tune in to Sway In The Morning this Friday from 9:30-10AM to hear it for yourselves!

swaysuniverse.com | siriusxm.com/shade45 | djwonder.com
@RealSway | @TheRealHeatherB | @DJNappy | @DJWonder
September, 8th 2012

Mad Decent Mondays is having me out again this Monday at The M-Room, on a bill with Dirty South Joe, Heroes x Villains and DJ Swizzymack. Full details over at RTD. If you love me and are in the tri-state area, come out and support!